A Counter-Culture to the Man-child; the Modern Gentleman Movement

Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.
Lately I have seen a mayor rise in articles and sites focused on a revival and the evolution of Gentleman virtues. I use the term evolution because a new Gentleman is actually challenging some of the old traditions and attitudes that lead to the decline of traditional chivalry.

The world has change, as it always does, and so does the role of a Gentleman. Chivalry used to be exclusive for the Knightly orders, yet it evolved into a social code for Nobility. As the importance of a Nobility died out, Gentlemanly behavior became to how men should carry themselves in a Male dominated society. As this Patriarchal society was challenged by the ideals of feminism and gender equality, Gentlemanly attitudes became synonymous with Misogyny to the women and unnecessary gender obligations by men who felt wronged by the women’s movement.

It was these men who felt wronged by the women’s movement who set a counter culture of men unwilling to grow up into their obligations, dragging their teen mentality of self-centeredness and irresponsibility way into their thirties. And it was these men who have given all men a bad name with their interpretations of being a “Nice Guy” and #NotAllMen arguments.

To the surprise of many, the social response to a generation of Man-children was a Culture of Gentlemen willing to hold each other accountable and who expect a lot more from ourselves. And more impressive still is how this new generation of Gentlemen who understand how the traditional attitudes needed to be updated to a modern world. These men challenge a society of entitlement and inequality. And they do so by holding themselves to a higher standard, understanding how every action they take is a reflection of their values and virtues.

We forge forward in a society of men who understand the idea of Accountability. We move into a society that promotes Gender equality, yet do so proud of our masculinity. We are men, proud to be men without the need to make anyone feel inferior. We understand that Modern Gentleman Movement isn’t about think less of others but expect more from themselves.

To my brothers, keep up the good work.