Dealing with stupid comments.

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.
Bruce Lee
For some reason, when you start writing about topics like gender equality and a man’s responsibility to be a Gentleman, it will call the attention of men fail to understand the message. Sometimes it’s comments on my articles, other times its direct tweets, and yet others are open invitations for trolling in the hashtags I follow. 

At first, I would reply their comments directly, thinking you could actually reason with some of these posters. After several trollings, insults questioning my manhood, and several reports to whatever social media administrators involved, I no longer am willing to deal with these commentators.

Unfortunately this leaves many comments and questions unanswered. So I decided to answer some of the typical comments I think need clarification.

If women want to be treated like men, then there’s no problem in me hitting them.

First, let’s clear up what you are saying. You are threatening women that if they ask for equality, you will assault them. If you think gender equality is defined by your ability to hit women, you have bigger issues than just being a Misogynist.

Second, don’t hit people, period. Don’t think it’s that complicated. It’s actually against the law to hit people, just in case you didn’t know. And if you are planning to give me the “they hit me first” comment, I think we are past elementary school logic.

All women are (insert whatever insult you think is appropriate).

Ok, so you dealt with a woman who “wronged” you. So, no man has ever done anything bad to you? It’s just women? Stop being selective. Some people are bad, others are good. Also, take the time to see how YOU behaved, how you treated them. 

Why do I need to pay for a date, just because I am a guy?

You pay for a date, because you made the invitation. Whoever invites, pays. It’s like asking someone to go to your house for dinner but ask them to bring their own food. Your problem is you are cheap.

After all the cash/time I spent on her, she just wants to be friends?

You just demonstrated in a simple sentence how you think she is a prostitute and that the only way you can be attractive to her is by paying her. Really?

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