Who is Being Caballero?

Don Eduardo “Caballero” García is an architect, artist, and writer, as well as a husband and father, is looking to define the contemporary gentleman as one who achieves a balance between old-school values with the ability to adapt in an ever changing society. With this in mind, he has collaborated with like minded individuals to create Being Caballero. He is also a regular contributor to several other sites:

  • The Good Men Project: What enlightened masculinity might look like in the 21st century.
  • MNSWR magazine: Exploring and celebrating the traditions of craft and style in men’s fashion.
  • Gentlemenhood: Helping young men mature, influence fathers and mothers to aspire for better.

Mr. García has been a panelist on discussions about the relationship between masculinity, feminism, and gender equality.  His articles have been re-published and translated for several international publications. He is also on the advisory board to the NCWG (National Council on Women and Girls) and the NCMB (National Council on Men and Boys).

Born in and raised in Puerto Rico, Eduardo spent part of his youth in Venezuela and drifting for some time between the Caribbean, the East coast of the United States, and Europe. After several years working in Washington DC as a leader for a variety of projects, he currently resides in the New Jersey Coast. His traditional upbringing, coupled with his progressive attitude, provided Mr. García with the personal and professional understanding that values, courtesy, and character can get a person further than any title.

Frequent contributors, collaborators, and advisors are:

Ms. B. (PR)
Editor and Co-Administrator of Being Caballero

Luke Davis (Australia)
Writer, The Naive Idealist

Theresa Byrne (US)
Writer and Personal Development Coach

James Eves (UK)
Image Consultant, The Handsome Chap

Drew Long (US)
Writer and  Personal Development Coach, Fierce Gentleman

Jedediah Walls (US)
Media Psychologist