Be Critical Of Yourself.

Observe your enemies, for they first find out your faults.
The two most dangerous things in life is the automatic assumption that you are right and the stubbornness to avoid even considering the possibility that you might be wrong. People in general love to dissect every word or idea that anyone has, yet become defensive when this is done to themselves. It perfectly fine to call out other’s faults yet to call out your own? That would be admitting weakness.

Or would it? The reality is you can’t change what you don’t confront. And it takes more strength to confront yourself than what it does to confront anyone else. You need to look at who you are and who you were to understand who you will be. Look at yourself with the same critical nature you do when evaluating others. Can you measure up to your own expectations?

Become your own peer review. Consider the possibility that you might need to change your path, that you might have been wrong. There is nothing wrong about having been wrong. What is wrong is being to stubborn to realize it.