At our Hearts (Guest Contribution)

Luke Davis graced us with his contributions again. 
I had shared a Vid by Prince Ea that I found had a great message to all. And this was Luke's response. The video can be seen at the end.

At our heart we are all small little creatures who fear the outside of us.
It is beyond our control.
It is random
It is violent
(It is also wonderful and interesting and life is birthed here)

At our heart we want to control this world
We want to tame it
We want to put it on a leash
We want to tell it what to do
(Yet marvels are born from this very uncontrolled behavior)

So we try to impose our will on the world
It should act like this
It should not do this
It should do what I expect
(Yet because it does not the world shows us so much more wonder)

And with control we have conflict
Who has the power
My way is the right way
His way is the wrong way
(And yet all ways are journeys only one person may take)

Who are we at our hearts
We are small/We are tall
We are alone/We are friends and family
We are frightened/We are brave
We are just like everyone else/We are individuals.

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