"Man Prayer" - words by Eve Ensler, film by Tony Stroebel

The best and the worst aspect of writing about becoming a better man come from the same source, random finds on the internet. And today, it was a good day as this beautiful Vid popped up in my news feed.

May I be a Man

Whose confidence comes from the depth of my giving
Who understands that vulnerability is my greatest strength
Who creates space rather than dominates it
Who appreciates listening more than knowing
Who seeks kindness over control
Who cries when the grief is too much
Who refuses the slap, the gun, the choke, the insult, the punch

May I not be afraid to get lost
May I cherish touch more than performance
and the experience more than getting there
May I move slowly, not abruptly
May I be brave enough to share my fear and shame
and gather the other men to do the same
May I stop pretending and open the parts of me that have long been numb
May I cherish, respect and love my mother
May the resonance of that love translate into loving all women and living things