The Dangerous You

Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.
Napoleon Bonaparte
I have seen men defeated, I have seen men ashamed of themselves, and I have seen men who feel unworthy. I have also seen a world that does everything in its power to create men like that, to break men into submission. And I know this is true because I have been among these men. And I know this is not how any man was meant to live.

In the depth of this hole, I have also discovered the one of the most important lessons I have learned. You are all alone in this world. People might offer a helping hand, and they might give you support, but after everything is said and done, you are all alone. And that is OK, because you are all you need. You are powerful, and you need to realize it.

And when you finally realize just how powerful you are, you become dangerous to the world, or at least to the world that thrives in breaking men. You realize that you can survive this cruel world, and then world stops being cruel, it stops being a threat to you. The world breaks everyone, but some just become stronger at the broken places.

You stop living for people’s acceptance, so you stop dying from their rejection. You stand tall for yourself. You grow stronger as you realize that you ARE strong. You are no longer willing to let anyone put you down. And this gives you power, yet that’s not what makes you dangerous.

You empathize with those broken because you have been there. You understand those that have fallen as you fell once. And you’ll be damned if you will let it break anyone else without you taking action. You’re strength becomes contagious, becoming inspiration to other men to find their own strength. It’s this empathy, this need to help others and not your strength, which makes you dangerous to a cruel world, as you make it a little less cruel.