Don’t tell me what’s wrong with the world…

In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first.
Jimi Hendrix
So, you logged in this morning, and already have seen 20 posts of what’s wrong with this world. Every social media outlet has people screaming left and right how everything everyone is doing is wrong, how the world need to change, and that’s without going into the comment sections… and yet how many of these posts mention something about what kind of world would be better?

Very few. We have become a society of opposing politicians yelling the world about what the other is doing wrong. The problem with men is this, the problem with women is that. Look at what this social group is doing, look at what that religion promotes, condemn what the other country does. And yet we do so little to define what we proposes as an alternative.

I love history because it lets you see how peoples actions create change. During my youth, I studied an event within the University of Havana. In 1947, a group of students, challenging the conservative society they lived in, broke into the Library and burned several copies of ‘Vignola,’ a classical book on design. And you would think that this would usher a new modern era for society, based on the idea of the ‘Tabula Rasa.’. The reality was that 10 years later, the only thing that really changed in Cuba was who was in charge, and society didn’t get any better.

The great people who want to change the world do so thinking of what world they want to create. This way they can actually consider what changes they want to apply, what work they need to do. They can work to change what doesn’t work for that new world, and make better what does.

What they don’t do is believe that scrapping everything leads to anything good. What they can't see is how scrapping everything leads to scrapping the few good things we have done also.

Every time you call out for a revolution based on the idea that what is now is wrong, it’s only a call to those who don’t agree with what’s there, for whatever their own reasons. “Change the world to make it better for me” is the usual sentiment you can take from their reasons for change.  Other times they just want to vent their frustration and anger, get even for wrongs done to them. It’s not about making a better world, but about a Vendetta.

So before you rant online, consider your dream. Define your vision. Stop telling me what’s wrong with the world and let’s start talking about what kind of world we want to create.