"That's my Old Man," Toast to Daddying.

Brothers, I raise my glass to you.
The Men that view what they do as being a Dad and not Babysitting.
The Men who prove that being a Dad is not about biology but about love.
The Men making it work with the kid, even if it didn't work with the mom.
The Men that are a Dad, and a Mom as well.

Here’s to not being the idiot that sitcoms make us out to be,
Here’s for not being another statistic of an absentee father
And for wanting to be by their side more than anything else in the world.

Here’s to reading more children’s books than newspapers.
Here’s to bubble baths and stepping on Legos.
And learning how quickly your kids will pick up on curse words.

Here’s to the manly art of sippy tea parties and high pinkies.
Here’s to having your nails dipped in hot pink nail polish.
And learning how to make a proper fluffy bow.

Here is to standing up to the Monsters,
Those under the beds and in the closets,
And teaching the bravery needed for when you are not there.

Here’s for learning that mysterious code that is new math,
Giving up on asking what was wrong with the old math,
And realizing that even YOU need Google to understand it.

Here’s for helping make volcanoes,
Teaching them about mixing soda bottles and Mentos,
And laughing about the mess together as you have to clean it up.

Here’s to mending broken hearts and disillusioned dreams,
Motivational speeches that would put Dr. Phil to shame,
And just knowing when to just shut up and listen.

Here’s to teaching self-respect and self-assurance,
Even when you doubt every step you take.
And here’s to not letting them know just how often you are winging it.

Here’s to showing daughters what to expect from men.
Here’s to showing sons how a man should behave.
And here’s to respecting their choices.

Here's to learning how to build a bike.
At 2am in total darkness and silence.
Just to keep another year of dreams alive, if not for them, for you.

Here’s to being a kid,
A friend
And a Body Guard

Here’s to diapers,
Doctor visits
And Diplomas,

Here’s to realizing you are growing old,
Not by your lack of hair,
But by how much your kids have grown.

And if you’re new to the club,
Here’s to realizing that whatever your dreams were before having kids,
They pale in comparison to what your dreams are now,

So raise your glass, beer, juice box, or sippy cup.
And realizing that you did your job right
When your kid proudly says to others “That’s my Old Man.”

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