Through Men's Eyes, Panel discussion on sexism at The Stream.

Last week I was invited to participate in an all male panel over at The Stream.

Unfortunately those within the mainland US weren't able to view it live do to FCC restrictions of the program. But, re-posting it is OK.

Hosted by Femi Oke and Malika Bilal. The Panel was composed by:

Eduardo Garcia @BeingCaballero
Writer and Collaborator

Good Men Project

Ravi Chandra @going2peace
Blogger, Psychology Today

Jackson Katz @jacksontkatz
Anti-sexism activist

James Desborough @GRIMACHU
Writer/Game Designer

The Gentlemen involved were an excellent exposition of every aspect of Masculinity that have to deal with Sexism today. The intent was not how we could deal with women's issues of Sexism, but rather a Man's responsibility and accountability towards this same sexism.

I have to thank all the members of the panel for showing that we, as men, are capable to empathize with what women are going through and that feminism is a responsibility placed equally on the shoulders of men and women.

I must also thank the Hosts for giving us a wonderful platform to carry our work and efforts to a larger audience. So here it is. Let me know what you think.

Through Men's Eyes
In the aftermath of Elliot Rodger's misogyny-fueled killing spree, #YesAllWomen emerged as ladies began airing everyday anecdotes of mistreatment, violence and harassment. Online, some men seemed shocked by the revelations, while others responded defensively with a #NotAllMen. So, can men ever fully understand the daily fears and sexism experienced by women? And what role do men play in feminism and the discussion itself? The Stream spoke with an all-male panel to find out.

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