The Brotherhood Of Fatherhood

Being a father is a choice. Staying true to fatherhood is a duty.
Joan Ambu
Brothers, and I am honored to call you brothers, to you I raise my glass.

You have faced the most terrifying and exhilarating instant in your life, and stood firm in your position from the day you found out you would be a Dad. You might have stumbled from time to time, questioned yourself in every instant of solitude you have, questioned every action you have taken since that day. We all do, and will continue doing. This is the ultimate life path as it’s a journey that never has a final destination.

It will teach you respect as you teach respect.
It will teach you patience as you teach patience.
It will teach you perseverance as you teach perseverance.
It will teach you to be a better man as you teach someone to be a good person.

To you I raise my glass and call you my brother.

The Dad who can’t wait for his 8 hour shift to be over, just to see his kid.
The Dad who has taken on the challenges of a stay home parent.
The Dad who embraced being a father to someone else’s child.
The Dad who set aside any issues with his ex-spouse because… fatherhood.
The Man who chose to be a foster parent because someone needed a Dad.
The Dad who might no longer be with us, yet his memory still teaches us what a Father is.

I also raise my glass and call my brother,

The Mother who has taken it upon herself to be a father as well.
The Grandfather who came out of retirement when his grandkids needed a Dad.
The Older Brother who became a man the day he understood the importance of being there for his younger siblings.

And lastly I raise my glass and call my brother,

The Uncle, the coach, the teacher, the mentor, and every other man who has served as a father figure and male role model to every kid out there who needed a father at one time or another.

I am proud to call you all my brothers.

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