Upgrading Yourself.

Teach guys they can be better men. Show women there are better men.
Being Caballero
Way to often I find people saying that they are good enough, that they don’t need to change for anyone. This is true, and I will not argue against it. You are good enough, and you should never have to change to please anyone. But the fact that you are good enough shouldn’t mean you should stop improving yourself as a person.

I am not here to tell anyone that they are not good enough, nor am I here to make anyone feel any less of themselves. What I am here is to make guys realize that their most important asset is themselves and that asset can be developed and improved on, no matter who you are. If by doing so I can give hope to the women out there, frustrated by so many disappointments, that there are better men, great!

Because that’s what life is about, aiming to make yourself better, to invest in yourself and improve on your value as a person. Taking better care of your health, dressing sharper, or learning a new skill will only improve on what’s already there. So why should this be viewed as a negative thing?

Taking the time to work out only means you will be in better health and you end up looking better. Developing your cooking skills means you’ll eat better, and is an extremely useful skill to show others you care. Learning a new language can only serve to expand your horizons. Yet so many people complain that they are “happy with who they are” so they will resist aggressively to any improvement on themselves.

It’s not that you are not good enough. It’s that you can always be better. But “Better” requires effort. “Better” requires work. And that is what people complain against. Everyone wants change and a better life, yet not everyone is willing to put in that effort. And that’s ok.

Just don’t complain about those willing to be Better and people who want Better.