Fear is the little voice...

Fellow GMP writer, Luke Davis, wrote this wonderful comment on a quote I posted on the Facebook Page.

Fear tells us what we have to do… The more scared we are of work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. –Steven Pressfield-

This was his reply:

Fear is the little voice
that pushes you from action
whispering don't do this
imagine all these horrible things

Fears are the shackles that bind
holding your feet to the ground
when action is required
inaction is the outcome.

What a load of camel dung.

Fear is naught but a sign
Here there be dragons
No more than a warning
A marker signaling trouble ahead

These images of goblins and ghouls
of our very souls rendered limb from limb
These pictures aren't part of the sign
We have painted them on ourselves

 "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"
Look at us quivering and shaking
a sign about a sign and we call it wisdom
Let us laugh at our own ridiculousness

I have fought monsters
dragons, giants and beasts
against most I have lost
yet battle on I shall

So thank you fear for your warning
For giving me time to prepare
A deamon now needs to be fought
If not me then who else.

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