Life is hard. Good!

If you are not new here, you probably have notice that I won’t sugar coat life. A lot of my write-ups are about keeping that fighting spirit alive, about never losing the warrior side of being a Gentleman. Because without it, you won’t survive life.

The reality is that life is hard, and life WILL break you. And this is a good thing. It helps you get rid of all those bad habits you pick up from having an easy life, especially any sense of entitlement you might develop. You learn pretty quickly that life owes you nothing when it takes everything away.

You learn to fight for what you want and you learn to appreciate what you got. You also learn to measure just how much you wants something based on your actions to get it. People love to say how much they want to do this or that, how it’s this or that holding them back. It's easy to lie to yourself if you want to be lied too.

Want to know how much someone wants’s something? Just look at what challenges they overcame to achieve it.

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