Making the fight worth while

Every so often, we question ourselves if what we do actually makes a difference. We see the resistance to change and we deal with the opposition. Sometimes we even ask ourselves if what we are doing is even right, if we fight just to be right and not to be righteous. 

And here is where so many good people drop out of the fight.

But the truth is, the Fight is Worth It! For every once in a while you are forwarded your reward. That reward is not money, or applause, or even recognition. It’s the knowledge that the world is getting better.

As you all know, I am just one of many people trying to do good. And these people were recognized in a letter sent to The Good Men Project.

To the editors and writers at Good Men Project:
I would like to compliment you on your coverage of the Isla Vista shootings. The most insightful and ultimately for all of us as a community (I am writing to you from Santa Barbara) your stories were truly extraordinary. And I suspect based on some of the comments, could not have been easy for you. No doubt you got some angry responses from some camps.

I applaud your bravery and wisdom. And I thank you. As a woman and as a mother of a son, I truly thank you.
XXX (Deleted by me)
Santa Barbara

I want to thank the Good Men Project for letting me be part of that team and part of that mission.