Before we start today, I want to make something clear. This is a message you have to internalize and remind yourself every day. You need to understand the importance of it and apply it to everyone and everything you interact with. Now pay attention…


Not your friends, not your boss, not your parents, not your children, not your spouse, not your lover, not ANYONE. Nobody. The only person who owes you something is you owe yourself Respect. That’s it.

I know you have been told how we are owed loyalty to our friends, fidelity from our spouse, love from our kids, or respect form people. You have been told wrong. The reason is that loyalty, love, fidelity, respect, and everything else is something people don’t owe. It’s something given, a gift to be appreciated, not an obligation to be expected.

Too often we take things for granted because we expect them. We expect our friends to be loyal, or our partners to be faithful, or our kids to respect us, or our parents to look out for us; so we really don’t appreciate it. These are all conscious acts that these people do. They CHOSE to be loyal, to love, to respect, to be faithful, to take care of you, to look out for you. As soon as we expect it, we take it for granted. As soon as we understand how none of these actions are an obligation, we appreciate our friends, our partners, our kids, our parents; and everything they do for you.

How often do you act a certain way just to “buy” someone’s behavior? How often do you expect to be loved just because you love. How often do you pay for a drink, unconsciously expecting something, open a door, or even act like a gentleman. Nobody owes you anything!

And realize that you owe nothing to anyone. You don’t owe anyone respect, love, or loyalty. Your acts must come freely, and not by obligation. You love someone because you love them, not because they expect you too. You respect someone because you simply do, not by obligation. You have to respect yourself first and foremost, and understand how you have a choice. Anyone does not treat you as you deserve? Walk away. You don’t need to stay where you are not appreciated.