You control your focus, where shall you aim it?

We can complain because the rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because the thorn bushes have roses.
Abraham Lincoln
This world is not fair, it’s not nice, and it’s not just. We will constantly be exposed to situations that will make us question our faith in humanity and why we even want to try and become a better person. We are beset by threats and horrors every day.


This world needs work to be fair, it’s as nice as you make it, and it takes just men to make it into a just world. We will constantly be exposed to situations that will re-afirm our dedication to humanity, and confirm why we try to become better people. We are beset by people doing good every day.

Same world, different focus.

We control where we focus our thoughts and our views on. We can focus on the negative aspects, leading lives of constant struggles and challenges. This is usually a side effect of a life of constant struggle, and constant challenges. The problem with this is you grow accustomed to the battle, that when it’s finally over, you still see enemies in everyone you meet.

We can also focus on the positive aspects, finding the beauty and the goodness around us. Focus on those doing good, on the blessings, on the beauty. Learn to look back, and learn to appreciate how much better you are than what you were yesterday.

Just be careful not to ignore the thorns while you smell the roses.