Sharing A Vision

Knowledge gains value when shared.
Being Caballero
I have noticed how some people hold their cards close to their chest. They guard the knowledge they have acquired zealously as they fear their advantage will diminish if they lose their “upper hand.” And I can respect that. I don’t agree, but I can respect that.

I don’t agree because I believe that your value as a person only increases as you help others grow and the value of knowledge and wisdom happens only after they have been tested and questioned by others. Knowledge and Wisdom untested and unquestioned is nothing more than an opinion. A man unwilling to help others grow…is not much of a man.

In a way, that is where this blog and my contributions to other sites came about. It’s not the same thing to believe something than to actually write it up for others to judge and comment. It’s not the same thing to have ideals if you are not willing to consider you might be wrong, or how you could refine and develop them. And most importantly, having this knowledge is useless if you are unwilling to share it with others, as they are able to consider how your ideals might help them develop themselves.

So with that in mind, and after being encouraged by other like-minded individuals, I have actually picked up again the book project. I have yet to give a big push to find a Literary Agent or Publisher, as I want to first have a finished project and give it a test run. Just so you have a better idea what I am currently planning, Cammino (“Path”, “Journey”, or simply “I walk” in Italian) is currently a 250 page (80K words) manual. It will be broken down into 3 sections; Introduction to what Gentleman means, Self-development and Rebuilding/Rebirth, and Social Interaction/Social Responsibility. Still not sure if these will be sold individually or as a whole. Some of it is expanding on previously published articles and others are completely new essays. My current plan is to start with a digital distribution, and see where it goes from there.

I know I mention how you gain value from helping others, and I feel this will provide me the opportunity to help, not only those who read it, but others as well. My intent is part of the profits to help out several charities and the rest to develop my own social development projects. Life has given me enough to know I owe it back.