The greatest act of rebellion today is being a Gentleman.

Welcome to the age of the individualist, the greedy, and the cynical,
Where a man’s success is measured by his bank account
and respect for others is a lost art.

Is this really the road we want to follow?
Is this the world we want to live in?
Must we resign to a life of conformism?

No, there is another path, another way to live.

Let’s raise our glasses to the Modern Rebels,
To the Gentleman-Scholars who study the art of Chivalry.
To the Warrior-Poets battling to preserve a proper way of life.

To the Good Men who give a damn about others,
Who’s word is worth more than any contract,
And their handshake is worth more than any signature.

Here’s to the true measure of a Real Man.
Here’s to the things money can’t buy.
Here’s to honor, to character, to integrity.

Here’s to a sincere man with a sincere smile
Here’s to self-confidence and personal style.
Here’s to self-respect and respecting others.

Here’s to the wealth that comes from real friends.
Here’s to being rich in laughter and experience.
Here’s to the luxury of knowing you are not alone.

Here’s to love,
And leaps of faith,
And the audacity to make them.

Here’s to a shared way of behaving that sets us apart from other men.
Here’s to the Gallant, the Cavalier, and the Caballero.
And here’s to being a Gentleman.

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