The First Step to Being Respected is to Look Respectable.

I fondly remember seeing my grandfather having his afternoon coffee at his restaurant when I was a young boy. He would always be dressed in his crisp white Guayabera, jet black slacks ironed out to perfection, elegant dress shoes with enough of a shine you could see your smile reflected on them. His straw fedora would be placed on the table next to a recently brewed espresso, a thin trail of smoke rising from his Cohiba, as he listened to the local horse races on his little portable radio. Anyone who walked by his establishment would stop in and pay their respect. Don Roberto was the kind of man who emanated respect. Once I asked him why so many people would stop what they were doing just to say hello to him. He gave me a smile and gave me an answer that seemed so simple at the time, “You want people to respect you? You start by looking respectable.”  That afternoon he bought me my first dress shirt.

-Being Caballero-

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