The Greatest Act of Rebellion Today is Being a Gentleman. (Updated)

(Way back in March, I had posted a toast on being a Gentleman, and why I considered us to be the modern Rebels. I think it was time for an update.)

Welcome to the Modern Age,
The age of the Individualist,
The age of the Greedy,
And the age of the Cynical,
A time when a Man’s success is measured
By his bank account
And respect for others optional.

Or so say the Insecure Men;
The Selfish,
The Avarice,
And the Contemptuous.
All men who settled for conformity and mediocrity,
As they substitute the content of the heart
For the content in their wallets.

Is this really the road we want to follow?
Is this the world we want to live in?
Is this how we want to be remembered?

In a world full of inequality and injustice,
In a time where little is expected from Men,
Being a Man of Quality is an act of rebellion.
So let’s raise our glasses to the Modern Rebels,
To the Gentleman-Scholars
To the Warrior-Poets
And to the lost art of Chivalry.
To the Men battling to preserve a proper way of life,
As they are living proof
There are still Good Men in the world.

Let’s toast to the GentleMen whose currency is
His Honor,
His Character,
And his Integrity.
To the Noble Men
Who’s word is worth more than any contract,
And their handshake is worth more than any signature.

In a world full of full of people,
Telling you what’s you’re doing wrong,
Here’s to those that show you what to do right.

Here’s to a Sincere Man with a sincere smile
Here’s to Self-Confidence and Self-Respect.
Here’s to Personal Style and Personal Growth.

Here’s to men who set themselves apart,
            Not by the suit they wear,
But by their assertiveness.

Here’s to being rich in laughter and life.
Here’s to the wealth that comes from real friends.
And the luxury of knowing you are not alone.

Here’s to love in the face of adversity,
Here’s leaps of faith after a heartbreak,
And the daring needed to take them.

Here’s to those who hold themselves up to a higher standard;
To the Gallant,
To the Cavalier,
And to the Caballero.
Here’s to proving so many people wrong.
To being Men of Quality
To being a Gentleman.