Warriors Wanted: Inquire Within

Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.
C.S. Lewis
As I have mentioned several times before, every civilized society across the globe throughout history has members who serve as examples of what an exemplary man is. These men dedicated their lives to a code of self-betterment and development through service, serving as the warrior-elite, scholars, and enforcers of justice. They served as inspiration and example to how far a man could go when he dedicated himself to creating a just society and promoting a good greater than themselves.

Sometimes I feel that those days are gone, and it saddens my soul. When you look around you see a society that has turned its back to the ideals of living the warrior’s exemplary life, as we reduce the old warrior codes into happy quotes said by overweight old wise folk who promote little more than helping helpless old people cross the street. Even the words as powerful as Social Justice have been reduced to little more than a keyboard activist providing socially acceptable cyberbully attacks with a passive-aggressive political correctness that would make the worst Machiavellian proud. We have turned community service into calling out “evil” in a virtual community instead of working to achieve some good for an actual community.

Today, men are told that taking up the role of protectors is a bad thing and, worse yet, some men happy embrace this idea as words like service and honor have lost their importance. More dreadful yet, we see how men, who would otherwise be given a purpose in life, drift aimlessly unfulfilling lives as their serviceless existence ends up having little meaning.

Others have bastardized the ideals of the warrior; in an attempt to fill their egos as they become little more than the oppressors the warriors of old would have fought. They strive for recognition and glory as payment for service, seeing themselves as more important than those they help.

Then we wonder where all the good men have gone.

But before you lose all hope, know that they are still around. The biggest challenge these men face isn’t leading a warrior’s life, but finding room for a warrior’s life in a society that refuses to recognize the need for these exemplary men. So, instead of listening to a world that ignores the need for their help, these men simply help, and create the space for other likeminded men to help. You see them teaching other young men the importance of strength, both mental and physical. You see them promoting the ideals of discipline and virtue. And more importantly, you see them setting the example, as they apply these lessons to their own lives. You can find them as the volunteer coach at your local schools, as the martial arts instructor at your local community center, or the volunteer mentor at your local resource center.

Some have gone even further and created a much needed social justice service that can only be handled by these old school warriors. The following are just three organizations created by these exemplary men, just to give you an example of what good men can create when given the opportunity and how we still need men to pick up the mantle of Warrior in a world that is still dangerous.

Brothers for Sisters

Many Russian cities at night are a dangerous place for anyone, much more so for young women who are viewed as easy targets by the less savory elements within the criminal elements. So what is a young man to do when faced with the reality that his friends’ lives are at risk every night they head home? He and his friends started taking turns walking the young women home. And that’s when it hit him, how many more women have this same problem? How many more men would be willing to help out? So, the call went out for young men willing to walk women home safe late at night and young women needing an escort to reach their home safely.

Next thing you know, the Brothers for Sisters are born.

All brothers are required to pass a rigorous selection process, involving several interviews and background checks coordinated with the local authorities, as many of the brothers are off duty police men themselves. All candidates and members are required to be reasonably fit, and aren’t allowed to smoke, drink, or swear. All volunteers are discouraged from accepting invitations from the ladies they are helping out, even for something as simple as tea or coffee, as it might give an improper message.

What started as a couple of guys making sure their friend got home safe has grown into an entire social movement.

(I mentioned this group previously, but have been unable to find more information about them. If you know anything else about them, let me know as I would love to know more about them.)


Some men volunteer to be strong, some men train to be strong, and some become strong as life gives them little choice. This last group is viewed with distrust and even fear by many within society, as they are men who have often been forced to make do what it takes to survive, and not all these actions are socially acceptable. So what do you do when you are strong and feared?

You go and help out little kids who need a strong and intimidating man to protect them from the monsters of the world.

Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) is an organization of volunteer bikers who provide a sense of safety to kids who have been victims of child abuse. If ever the child feels threatened, scared, or simply wants someone to be there, they simply have to call, and a couple of riders will come by. They are there to provide a safe environment, a place for the child to feel secure. This might be to scare of the abuser, to walk with the kid to school, or simply to stand guard all night in front of the house to scare off nightmares.  

Not everyone is accepted within the BACA. These men train for their duty, as many are actual social workers and all are required to pass a string of background checks although having a criminal record doesn’t disqualify you as a candidate. Each candidate is evaluated and required to training courses to deal with the emotional strain of their duty as the mission they have taken up isn’t an easy one. Below is a short vid explaining who they are.

(I have spoken about BACA and my absolute respect for the group before. If some of the members who left messages would contact me and let me know who to contact for more information, as I would love to make a more in depth post about them.)

Safe Passage

Many times the inner cities have been compared to warzones and quite often they are not that far off. Many of those who grew up within that environment want nothing more than to help change it into a better place. They know from personal experience how something as mundane as a child walking to school and back is a perilous journey.

Plenty of young men within these communities chose military service as a way to find purpose and meaning in a world that keeps telling them they will achieve little simply because of where they were born. Yet, when their tours are done, these men are left again without the very sense of purpose that allowed them to be more. So, instead of getting lost in a meaningless life, a group of these veterans joined together to provide the next generation of students a safe passage between the kid’s homes and schools.

Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB) approached the Chicago school system to see if veterans could help out the kids by standing guard, positively engaging with the youth and maintaining the peace in street corners previously known for repeated violent incidents. So was born Safe Passage, as now over 400 veterans within the program with about 130 veterans patrolling the streets at any given time. Below is a short video explaining how the program came to be.

The days of the Warrior are far from gone. Neither are gone the days of men doing what’s right because it’s the right thing to do. All you have to do is find your purpose. The space needed to manifest it will find you.

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