Additional Good

Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.
We’ve all been there. We wake up with the best intentions and attitude possible. As we head off, our heart and mind are set to make this a good day. And as we head out, it just take one thing to change this all around. What could possibly happen that turned your entire attitude from positive to negative?

Assholes happen.

This is pretty common. We all know just how contagious negativity is. It just takes one person being a jerk to you to turn your entire mindset, turning you into a jerk in the process. Now, instead of the world having to deal with one asshole, it has to deal with two. And as you move on, you end up sucking another person’s positivity, creating yet another asshole, and that one creates another, and so forth.

But did you know that it also works the other way around?

Your day’s not going do great, and then someone simply smiles in your direction. They paid for your morning coffee, to your surprise, or they helped you carry your bags up some stairs, or opened a door, or something as simple as said “Good morning” and hoped that you have a good day. Your entire outlook of the day changed. So as you head out, you do the same, changing another person’s mood for the day. And they do the same forward, and so forth.

We have all heard the phrase “pay it forward” but that involves you paying forward what you’ve received. Why not simply have that positive attitude and take those positive actions without the need of receiving it first? You might not think that something as simple as saying “have a nice day” as you step out of an elevator means much, but it means more than enough to someone who needs it without knowing.

All it takes is one person to stand up, to take action. Others will follow. And as soon as you have a small group, inspired by a single act, the entire crowd will join in. You don’t believe me? Here’s a simple example below.

It just took one man to take action. The next one joined in to help. Then another. Next thing you know, the entire crowd in the place joined in to help. Do you think the crowd would have helped if it wasn’t for that first person? They would have probably stood there, holding their cellphones, recording the entire situation, waiting for the authorities to do something.

If you ever doubted that a single man could change the world, consider how the actions of a single man can inspire another man to act. And now those two men’s actions can inspire others. Suddenly, the acts of one man became the inspiration and lead for an entire movement. Just make sure that those actions are to make good men, not more assholes. We have plenty of those already.