Fear the Dragon Slayer

 I met a man who fought dragons and I asked him how he can win against such a raw and unstoppable force of nature.

He said. "Someone once told the dragons a fairy tale of how a knight in shining armor killed a dragon, now they are afraid it might be true and all I do now is put a defeated enemy out of their misery"
As I am in the process of discussing what will be included in the book with fellow editors, trying to cover all the important topics and answer all the important questions, one rather interesting discussion came about.

Why do you feel some people dismiss the idea of the Gentleman?

I knew full well what they were talking about. It’s funny how many men view chivalry as a way for women to keep dominating men and how many women view chivalry as a way for men to keep dominating women. The reality of Chivalry and Gentlemanly attitudes is not about how you treat others, but what you expect from yourself. How you treat others is just the result of this attitude.

The problem is that your attitude and your confidence expose other people’s insecurities and self-doubts.  They want a “movie style” life and relationships without the effort of self-betterment, giving only the bare minimal to themselves. They want to win without leaving their comfort zone.

And that is our Dragon, a society who will give you every excuse not to up your game, not to rise above the crowd. It will try to drown you with cries of “Chivalry is dead” and “A gentleman is just a way for women to step all over men” and “Chivalry is another way to keep women down.” But the reality is that the Dragon fears you.

It fears your ability to stand up for yourself. It fears your ability to stand up for others. And most of all it fears you for wanting to live past the comforts of social mediocrity. So stand proud as you face this Dragon, because it already knows it lost.