Casually a Gentleman

The biggest criminals wear ties, not tattoos.
If you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you will have noticed how the concept of the gentlemen and chivalry are under constant evolution based on how society evolves. Back in the day, education and manners was a way to show your social standing, to set yourself apart from the lower classes, and a suit was a way to carry your standing without saying a word. Today, that’s not always true as we live in a society where sometimes suits carry a stigma of arrogance and greed. On the flip side of that coin, you find ideals and morals of chivalry alive and well living within those who would never be caught dead in a suit.

Let me start by saying that I like to suit up. There is a certain power that comes with a suit, a certain social respectability. It carries the traditions of the old school gentleman as back in the day, the suit represented a status symbol, and it made it clear to the world that “you have your shit together.” I also understand how suits also carry a message of power and authority, and have used them plenty of times just for that reason. This means that there are times when wearing a suit might not be to my best interest. Sometimes being approachable and kind to others can actually be hindered by wearing a suit.

Sometimes a simple shirt and jeans let you do more as a gentleman than a suit. And that’s why we need to extend the image of the gentleman past the suit.

It used to be that a suit helped you to stand out from the “undesirables.” Today, we live in a more casual society where successful men prove they have their “shit together” by not needing a suit to prove it. Sometimes you would want to avoid the traditional suit to actually stand out from the real “undesirables.” I’m in no way telling you to ditch the suit. What I AM saying is that a suit should never become a regulation uniform for your life. The important thing is to look presentable and dress appropriately for the situation.

Find your own style and your own look. Within these parameters, mess around and play around with different levels of presentability. Just remember, your armour isn’t your suit, but your character. Just make sure that your appearance reflects your character.

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