Being a Man is not a “Game.” Creating a counter culture to save Men from Men

A few weeks ago I was asked about the possibility of doing a series of chats, both Online and on Site, to young men, middle and High School, about what it means to be a Gentleman in this modern world. Both, Raising GreatMen and the National Council for Men and Boys, felt that most boys lacked an understanding of the importance of what it meant to be a Gentleman.

I thought it was a great idea, thinking how anything I could do to help boys become men would be good, especially considering all the misunderstanding of what it meant. 

As the horrible events at UCSB, and reading how the shooter considered himself the “Supreme Gentleman”, a sense of disgust came over me. As I saw how some men reacted, accusing feminists of taking advantage of the tragedy, I was even appalled. I saw how a lack of accountability, a lack of Nobility in Actions, was evident in today’s Men. And when I thought it couldn’t get worst, the PUA (Pick Up Artist) Community voiced their opinion. “Give men sex or more tragedies will happen.” “If Rodgers would have learned from us, he would have learned The Game and gotten laid.”  At that point I was just furious. 

Gentlemen, being a man is not a Game! Stop treating it as such. Your stupidity is poisoning our boys and killing our teens.

What I thought would be just an opportunity to teach boys to become men, had now become a way to create a counter culture for all the BULLSHIT that boys are told,  and teach them to recognize and confront this Bullshit whenever they see it. We need to create warriors against Petty Men, we need to teach them a better path, a noble path.

For that reason, for the next few weeks, I will focus on the foundations and the importance of being a man. Before we can discuss our relationships with women, we should strengthen our relationship with ourselves and with society in general.