Not Dead Yet

Originality consists in returning to the origin.
Antoni Gaudi
After what feels like an overly extended absence, we're back! We're still not in full capacity, but we're back none the less.

I want to thank everyone who's kept up with us for the last month even though I was unable to update the blog. To my surprise, the group kept growing within all our interconnected expressions over social media and we kept receiving messages and requests. This made my inability to update the site even more frustrating. To those who sent us messages, my apologies for not being able to get back to you and to all those that joined up during my absence, welcome to the Gentlemen Movement.

As many of you noticed, I had to take a "voluntary" hiatus from Being Caballero. That is the reason why I haven't replied to posts and messages sent to us, but this has actually led to several rumors to start floating around. Just to put to rest any worries and assumptions; I'm not dead, haven't been sent to jail, haven't been involved in a divorce or a custody dispute, haven't been sent out in any confidential assignment, nor been kidnapped by any anti-chivalry extremist groups.

My absence was the result of several things happening at once. First, my main home computer became comatose. I was able to keep updating in a limited capability from Ms. B.’s computer till I began my relocation process. I started up in a new employment opportunity in a new city and had to deal with limited computer and internet access and even more limited time for the affairs that truly matter when you have to move away from the family. So the few times I could hook up to a computer, I would spend it either doing video conferencing with them or dealing with the typical issues of any move. With that being said, Caballero will no longer be based on DC, as we are now be stationed in the South Jersey Coast. I decided to take to heart the concept of creating a life you don't need a vacation from. The sea will always call out to those #IslandBorn.

I have taken this time to reevaluate and meditate on several aspects of life, family, work, society, social media, and myself.  Nothing helps you to take those steps as being alone and incommunicated from others. Hopefully we will be going back to our usual posting schedule in the next few weeks, as the waters reach their appropriate levels and the chaos of the move is finally over.

Again, I want to thank those that stayed and welcome those that joined our mission while I was away.

Being Caballero

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