Between Old-School and Modern, I pick both.

It is only the Modern that ever becomes Old-Fashioned.
Oscar Wilde
This has got to be the oldest debate carried on by humanity; the interest of the older generation to hold on to traditions and the younger generation trying to get rid of them. That generational battle has been raging forever. We hear over and over the phrase “these kids today have no respect for traditional values” or “we need to get change everything, start from scratch.”

The older generation will praise old traditions as having stood the test of time, of being the proper way to behave and the proper way to live. They see no reason to change. The younger generations see what is wrong in society, and understand that things need to change.

In my opinion, both attitudes are wrong, horribly wrong.

If we decide to live in a society rooted on the past, we risk stagnation. As with stagnant water, our society would slowly sicken and rote if it stops moving. If we decide to change everything every time we see things that don’t work within our society, we risk never moving forward. We would end up swirling around the same spot. Sort of like a toilet.

Life should not be about change for change’s sake, but about evolution. We must move forward.

When you look back in a critical fashion at old traditions, you realize that they are the result of previous traditions themselves. Society is constantly changing and our values and beliefs should change in accord.