Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

A few weeks ago a fellow GMP author, asked me if Latin Dance Classes would be worth it. The Gentleman in question, let’s call him Luke because that’s his name, had no previous experience with ballroom dancing or Latin Dance.  This was about the same time that I had updated the Passion of Dance article for GMP and was starting to receive several emails from readers asking for advice on that topic. 

A week later I see his Status Update:

First session of Bachata and Salsa done. It was awesome. 20 girls and 4 guys, why didn't I do this when I was 20 years old.

I was transported to a conversation I had several years ago. Although I have always loved club dancing in my youth, the truth of the matter was that I was too self-conscious about how well I would do in dance classes. I was willing to make a fool of myself in so many other ways, yet heading out to dance classes seemed like something beyond what I was willing to do back then.

For some strange reason, maybe its social pressures, men are somewhat reluctant to getting into things like dance classes or even cooking classes. We think that dance classes would somehow reduce our manliness. Sure, we have all seen the stereotypical “Male Dancer” stereotype, but we have also seen the “Guy Douchebag” stereotype. Why are we so willing to prove we are not the later when we are so frightened of becoming the prior? 

A couple of days ago I see yet another Status Update from Luke:

So apparently a man who wants to learn to dance of his own volition is sexy.
I feel sorry for all those poor luddites who think dancing is for sissies.
I might have conveniently left out the part where I suck at it but it's nothing practice won't fix but what the hey.

He mentioned how surprised he was with the ladies present. They had no fear of being sexy, how they would dress up for class. Another aspect that blew him away was the fact that for every one gentleman there, there were five ladies taking the class. 

I remember one of the many lessons “Blind Master Po” taught me. After having to put up with my ranting about male dancers, Brian dragged me along to one of his classes. And before me was a dance studio with about 25 beautiful ladies completely comfortable with their bodies. With them were 10 Gentlemen; 4 had no interest in women, 3 were in dedicated relationships, 1 was an asshole, and only 2 other gents were available to date the ladies. And that’s when it became clear. Brian simply smiles. I signed up a couple days later.

For those who still doubt that dance can be “Manly”, here’s a little clip for your entertainment.

And some old school just for fun.